Saturday, 6 March 2010

Birthday Antics in London

Well here we are for another little update with no snow around much to my sadness as I so want to build a nice big snowman.
Anyway, for Jason's birthday I treated him to a weekend away in London including tickets to see Disney's Lion King in the West End. We had soooo much fun!
The Lion King was AMAZING!!! Much better than I thought it ever would be! The stage mechanics were out of this world! Most definitely one to watch if you ever get the chance :o)

We spent the rest of the time having a wander around places we haven't discovered before and finding some lovely hidden gems! I don't think we've walked so much in a long time. I felt like my legs were gonna drop off by Saturday night! Luckily they didn't.

The day after I got back I had a job interview at work to make my temporary promotion permanent...and I've got it!!! as of Monday I am officially an Intelligence Researcher!!! I'm so happy and especially so as I haven't even been there a year yet and I've been successfully promoted...eeeeeeek!!!

Jason is busy busy coming to an end to his uni days...just a few more months and I'll have my husband back :o) yay

Well that's or little update for now. Ciao!

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