Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Frosty the snowman!

Well, we have had a constant flurry of snow here in Kinouchiville, so we decided to go and make our very own and first snowman together. Off we trooped to find some fresh untouched snow...we had to walk a little way as people had pinched the good snow or trampled all over it!!! Shocking I know! Well we eventually found a cute little off shoot overlooking the canal by the bridge so we set to find it was like powder!!! Try making a ball out of talcum powder and you get the idea!!! Were we perturbed....NAY!!! Were we going to beaten...NAY!!! So Jason mustered all of genius matter and figured if he walked like a penguin making a plough out of his feet we could gather the Jason penguin walked and I began building :o)

4 frozen feet and 2 ice knees later we had our very own snowman...

He may not be conventional...but we love him all the same :o)

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