Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Just for Kids?

Yay! Spring has most definitely sprung! To kick off the season of Spring, Jason and I made good use of the copious amounts of Bank Holidays in April and headed off to a petting farm. It was a gloriously sunny day (double shock...1- it's England 2- It's a Bank holiday!) and we were stood in the queue waiting to buy our tickets. We were so excited...and so were the many many kids surrounding us in the queue. A guy in front talking to his wife whilst holding his little boy commented how shocking it was that they charged £1 more for adults than kids or that they charged for adults at all! After all, he argued "It's not like we come here for ourselves....It's for the kids!" Jason and I looked at each, at our imaginary children with us (or not) and wondered whether we should have offered to take someone else's kids out for the day to validate our day out.....hmmmmmm. Never mind...good start to the day....
We paid for our ticket (after being assured by the nice lady that it was for everyone...not just kids...I think she saw the big kid inside of us both) and hopped onto the tractor trailer and sat on a hay bail ready to be taken to the farm.

Soooo much fun!

 We fed baby pygmy goats (my all time fave little creatures) stroked little fluffy lambs, cuddled pygmy goats (again and again and again), made friends with little calves (one in particular took a fancy to me and would run over to me when I walked by), saw little piglets and little pygmy piglets :)

There were even birds of prey and all sorts. It was a fantastic day and I really didn't want to leave. Just as the day was coming to a close we saw a lovely little lamb being born.  How amazing that was! To see how mummy sheep was so protective and loving over her new little one and to see the lamb trying to to take its first little steps (but crashing face first into the floor so giving up and lying there to be fussed over instead)...it was just beautiful :)

Who said days out like this are just for kids... I had one of the best days ever and was completely childless... other than the child within me that is set free when I let go a little....as I think we all do!