Sunday, 11 April 2010

Newest Family Member

It was sadly time to say farewell to Delilah, my old car, and to put her into retirement. She served me well throughout my time at uni where we had a lot of fun together, and has also served Jason well for 8 months. However, it was time to reward her good service and send her to the car retirement home where all old cars go and have hot chocolate with marshmallows. We love you Delilah!!!!
Enter in our newest family Tallulah! She is very nippy and just LOVE LOVE LOVES the environment being all eco friendly. I've got to say as much as I loved Delilah, it is AMAZING to drive without feeling like you are driving a tank and having your shoulders ripped out of place due to lack of powered steering. Tallulah blesses us with pain free driving and a smooth quiet drive without the worry of whether we will actually reach our destination or not!

We are so blessed and are very thankful for our new little Tallulah!

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