Wednesday, 26 January 2011


Here at Kinouchiville, Jason and I had a little adventure at the weekend. We went indoor Skydiving and it was amazing!

This year I really want us to have lots of new experiences together and to make lots of wonderful memories. This was the first in the new year.

It was the craziest feeling in the world. I giggled the whole time (as can be seen by the photo below) whereas Jason took it a little more seriously....which paid off as he gained 1/2 a point more than me on the overall ability certificates we achieved. Jason was very pleased with this 1/2 point difference :o)

Jason now has the bug and wants to go again (and again and again). I can't say I would complain! Great fun and would recommend it to anyone. You get the experience of a skydive but it's cheaper and safer! What more could you ask for :o)

I can't wait for whatever waits for us next!

White Christmas

Well, after watching on the news the snow covering the North East, we finally got some for ourselves in Runcorn. It came down thick and fast and literally within minutes there was a white playground waiting to be played in.

This was Tallulah's first snow too, and as it happens, something magical happens in the snow...Tallulah appears in her true form!!!! Look......
A couple of weeks later we went up North to visit my family for Christmas and there was lots more snow to play with...PERFECT!!! After waking up one morning to find there had been a fresh snow fall I jumped up all excited, woke Jason up and went running down the stairs to jump into my wellies. I had to get out to the snow before the kids in the area woke up and pinched all the good snow! Dad, Jason and I got to work making one of the best snowmen I have ever made. He was huuuuuge! It took great skill to create...and ideas of pure ingenuity on how to put it together. Great fun :o)

To top it off, I got to meet little Zara Lilly, Rachel And Taylor's beautiful little bundle of joy. I fell in love with her the instant I saw her and am sooooo happy for my Rachy babes that she has a beautiful addition to her own little family. I'm even happier I go to meet her before she goes back to America to be with Daddy.

All in all, a lovely Christmas spent with the people that I love the most. PERFECT!