Saturday, 25 June 2011

Minion Army Celebration

We have had a bit of good news here in Kinouchiville. Jason has got a job :o)  He is Head of Multimedia for a company in Leeds. Unfortunately it means Jason living away from home during the week to save my money (in my Nana's caravan) until I can find a job in Yorkshire. We have only had 1 week of this so far (not even a full week just 4 days) but it was tough. Never mind...these are the things we must do.

To celebrate Jason's achievement though, I wanted to make him a treat. Jason likes the Minion's from the film Despicable Me so I set about making some Minion inspired cupcakes.....
 Here is the result...

I was quite pleased with the result :) Considering I tend to struggle with all things creative (no matter how much I enjoy it) I generally tend to fail miserably....however this time...I think I did alright :) YAY! A yummy way to celebrate :)

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