Friday, 4 February 2011


Last weekend Jason and I fulfilled one of my lifelong dreams...We saw Usher in concert! Aaaaaaaaaaah!

As you can see we were both pretty excited to be there! Tinchy Stryder was the supporting act, which could have been worse, but it could also have been better  :)

After keeping us waiting for a whole hour after Tinchy Stryder had entertained us Usher FINALLY on stage. My did I scream.....years and years have I been waiting for this moment and finally it was here. YAY!!

He did an amazing show and was a true performer. We didn't want the show to end. Usher did a small tribute to Michael Jackson with black sparkly boots which pleased Jason....although I'm not sure what black sparkly boots has got to do with MJ to be honest. Hey ho....we will not question Usher :o) The songs he performed went right through his career and covered all my favourite tracks....that kept me happy. Usher kept EVERYONE happy by revealing (several times) his well formed abs hahahaha

Overall an amazing night. Jason experienced his first big concert as opposed to the small gigs he has been to in the past. He now has a glimpse into my world of concert fever :o)


  1. You guys are soooooooooooo fun. What a great way to celebrate a birthday. :)

  2. And Yay! This is the first time it has ever let me post a comment!!!! :)

  3. Ha ha ha... and of course I put it in the wrong place. I was reading the Robin Hood one... ♥