Sunday, 17 October 2010

We're Back!!

Sorry for abandoning the blogging world for some time now. Life has a habit of suddenly taking control of every minute that is available until you have none spare, unless you put your foot down. The foot has firmly been put down and I'm back to blog!

Here in Kinouchiville, since we last graced the blog, we have been on some adventures!
We took our Summer Holiday up North in Northumbria/ North East and had some wonderful days out exploring. We had a trip to the Farne Islands (some little islands out to sea off the Northumbrian coast where thousands of birds congregate). Jason fulfilled one of his life long goals as we saw a few puffins flying around. They were much smaller than I expected to be
honest, but very cute. Apparently we were very lucky to see them as 90% of the puffins had flown away now for the year. The BEST thing about the boat trip though was being surrounded by hundreds of wild seals. Picture the scene....a chilly misty morning with nothing around you but the open sea...through the mist all you can see are these hundred of pairs of eyes watching you. It was hard to determine whether we were seal watching or they were people watching! It was amazing yet eerie! If you can handle being on a rocky boat (which I was very close to throwing up in!) then I would most definitely recommend a visit!

We also had a visit to Holy Island (Lindisfarne), which is one of my favourite places to visit on the North East Coast, Bamburgh and Sea Houses. Another place where I enlightened Jason to the beauty of the North East was High Force, which is England's highest waterfall. We thought it looked like coca cola coming down the gorge...although we decided not to see if it tasted like it...good decision I think!

We ventured to many other places whilst up North, and Jason came out of the two weeks educated about the North.

For my birthday we fulfilled a dream of mine and visited Mr.Darcy's house in Derbyshire. It was amazing weekend and to say we were lucky is an understatement. We ended up getting free entry into a big country fair at Chatsworth House (Mr.Darcy's pad) where the Red Arrows performed, army parachute regiment dropped in (literally), hot air balloons...all sorts!! Sorted!
We also visited the manor house where the recent film The Duchess was filmed (can't remember the house name now lol) with Keira Knightly. It was beautiful too! And the dresses worn by Keira Knightly were there on display.....soooooo purdy!!!!!

We went to our first prom in the park this year, where they have a live orchestra playing on the last night of the proms in a few parks across the country, and they connect live with the Albert Hall in the evening too. it was an amazing night and we have decided to make it an annual event :D John Barrowman was our special guest who performed some songs...I've got to say, I don't think I've giggled so much at a concert type event in all my life. He was outrageously camp and loving it in his glitzy suits and shaking his booty to the audience. Hilarious!

In the meantime, with Jason receiving a new calling as Elders Quorum President, I'm still on our ward YW Presidency and a busy work schedule since my promotion, life is busy!!!

So there we have whizzed through the past few months and missed plenty out but there's our summer covered in the blink of an eye...most importantly...we are back!!!

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